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make me choose
anonymous asked: lucius malfoy or tom riddle

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"This is our band’s 10th year playing as a band. That’s right, we were like fetuses when we first played together. And I have not grown an inch. But really, the last ten years have been absolutely insane, a lot of ups, a lot of downs but that’s just life not so much about being a band. I’m sure you know that too, you know, something that I have to continue to learn all the time is that in the morning, when you wake up, you have a decision to make. And that’s if you want to press on and smile and think positive or just kinda wallow around in self pity. And I just really want to emphasize that it is a choice. While we were writing this new album 2 years ago, we had this song that kind of came up out of no where and I realized I was making a lot of those choices. So I want you to know that if you leave with anything, remembering anything, please remember this. No matter how hazy or foggy the future looks, no matter how high up the wall is in front, when you wake up in the morning please decide to put one foot in front of the other and walk that wall down. You will do it! The best part about is that, from my experience is that what is on the other side is always worth the wait and the effort."

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no one compares to you

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Hayley Williams at Alternative Press Music Awards 2014! 

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